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My passion for soap making began as an effort to create for myself a body scrub that I purchased from an expensive jar from one of the major home party companies.  I have always used products to restore and refresh your skin.  I found that natural ingredients are the best way to fight the free radicals that store bought products filled with harmful chemicals do not have.  As much as I liked the natural handmade soaps I bought, I always thought about additional ingredients I would have added that would enhanced the benefits and feel of the soap.

As a hobby I started making soap with natural oils, trying different ingredients that would enhance the soap, benefit certain skin types, and soothe skin conditions. I made a lot of soap, gave them away to family and friends and was pleasantly surprised by how much the soaps were enjoyed. Requests for soap started coming in and what started as a hobby is now a small business. The commitment remains the same, to produce highly enjoyable, beneficial soaps, and in the near future, skincare products, made with natural ingredients that are good for your skin. Indulge yourself in an irresistibly scented bar of our handcrafted soap.  Go natural, Come Clean.